Free & Reduced

It is critically important for parents/care givers to complete a Free or Reduced Lunch Application Qualified meal applications greatly assist the district in receiving federal funding for things like: 

Additional classroom teachers to ensure reduced class size

Academic facilitators and instructional coachers

Additional funding for instructional supplies and materials

Additional technology devices

Professional development for teachers

Educational software programs

We encourage all families with students at a CEP School to complete an Income Form (see forms below). If you have a student at a traditional school you will need to complete a Free & Reduced  application (click lunch application box below). 

Income Forms







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Breakfast and lunch meals are FREE to all students until June 2022.

Positive account balances will carry forward to the 2021-2022 school year for all returning students.

For questions about meal accounts, or to request a refund, call Betty Ann Champion at 336-370-3266.

We encourage all families to complete a lunch application. 

To request a free & reduced approval letter (fee waiver) please call 336-370-3249.


The issuance of P-EBT benefits

We do not supervise the distribution of P-EBT cardsIf you have questions about P-EBT, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the NC EBT Call Center at 1-866-719-0141.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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